Hurricane Florence- two months later

Hurricane Florence- two months later

Today marks the 2 month anniversary since devastating Hurricane Florence wreaked havoc across southeastern North Carolina. The storm caused severe flooding and wind damage for hundreds of thousands of people across North Carolina. 41 people lost their lives to this storm and at at one point more than 500,000 people had lost power.

And though many of us have been able to pick up the pieces and move on, there are thousands across our area that lost most if not everything they had.

Shipman & Wright has committed itself to being there for those people that need putting their lives back together. We’ve heard so many heart breaking stories of loss and suffering but inspired by the overwhelming positive attitudes many have shown.

If you decide to initiate litigation against your insurance provider to receive recovery under a claim that was denied due to an exclusion in your policy, it is important to retain an attorney who is experienced in handling insurance litigation. While court decisions arising under these exclusions go both ways, making it difficult to guarantee success, an experienced insurance attorney knows the ins and outs of the exclusions your insurer relies upon, has been up against these exclusions and insurance companies before, and knows how to best advocate your claim.

If you have a Hurricane Florence Insurance claim, let the attorneys at Shipman & Wright work for you.

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