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Our Wilmington lawyers fight for you to get you all you’re entitled to from your insurance claim.

Hurricane Florence Claims- Shipman & Wright Attorneys

Let trained; local, competent lawyers assure you receive the maximum value for your hurricane insurance claims. When recovering from a major hurricane like Florence, your insurance company not giving you the full cost of your hurricane insurance claim can be very disheartening. You need an attorney and a team of trained professionals to help you get back on your feet.

For almost 40 years, the lawyers at Shipman & Wright have handled casualty insurance claims on behalf of policyholders. Sure, you could hire a “public adjuster”, but they are not lawyers; can’t provide you any legal assistance; and can’t provide any further assistance if you find yourself in a dispute with your insurance company about the amount they are offering, or better said, not offering, to pay to resolve your claim.  Or you could hire a law firm with a long standing and outstanding reputation (Best Lawyers in America, “Super Lawyers”, North Carolina “Leaders in the Law”)

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You deserve a fair and just settlement from your insurance company for your loss of property. Let us help.

If your home, business, or rental property suffered damage from Hurricane Florence and your insurance company is denying your claim or doesn’t want to pay full value, it’s time for us to chat.

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Best Lawyers- Shipman & Wright
Leaders in the Law- Shipman & Wright

The attorneys at Shipman & Wright

At Shipman & Wright, making a difference is our practice. In a complex world, you need lawyers that are responsive, resourceful and get results. For almost 40 years, the lawyers at Wilmington based Shipman & Wright have made a commitment to solving our clients’ problems one at time.

Water Damage

Water damage can lead to structural damage and mold. It's critical to assure the restoration of your property is handled by competent, trained professionals to get the job done right but also give you assurance it was done properly.

Wind Damage

Damage from high winds could have severely stressed or damaged your property’s structural integrity that can only be determined by a highly trained professional.

Fire Damage

Fire damage, as a result of the storm, creates significant damage to property. It's important to have a proper evaluation of the site to assess the damage from smoke, heat, and moisture.

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Our services include:

Free claim evaluation


(wind/rain/flood issues, including mold remediation)







Business Interruption

Boiler & Machinery

Medical Facilities

Providing competent estimates of your damages from competent contractors for all phases of needed work

Preparation and submission of your Hurricane Florence claims

Preparation and submission of information to disaster relief agencies (i.e. FEMA)

Communications with insurance carrier and other agencies

Let us work for you

We believe our attorneys are better prepared to advocate the resolution of your related storm insurance and/or FEMA claims (click here to read a blog post about FEMA) than public adjusters, who aren’t lawyers and cannot give you legal advice.

Our experienced attorneys and staff will represent you throughout the entire claims process.  The standard protocols that those undertaking to repair and remediate must follow.  We know insurance policies, and know the investigation that is necessary to insure that a proper analysis of the loss is performed to insure the maximization of your coverage.

We know what policy provisions, especially so-called “exclusions,” are valid or invalid.  And our firm will prepare a complete “Claim Report and Settlement Proposal” to your insurance company. It will contain complete and credible estimates, photographs and other needed documentation to support your claim.  Our reputation for aggressive, but honest, and insurance companies are well aware of how we represent our clients..  As information is made available, our attorneys will be working with these companies to ensure that appropriate action is being taken, local/state/federal laws are complied with in connection with the restoration process, and full relief is provided to you in strict accordance with your insurance policy.  If your hurricane insurance claim is not amicably resolved, we fully understand the legal remedies that are available to you to ensure that your recovery is maximized.  With us, the proverbial playing field is level.  Your insurance company has an adjuster; you can have a lawyer.

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